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I am wait_what_, a developer, linux sysadmin with 6+ years of experience, mainly focused in web devlopment and games. I like to write code and mess with electronics and 3D printers and stuff. I use Arch btw.

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powoffie · rs

Have you ever wanted to let your friends shut down your computer? Guess what...
minesweeper-rs · rust

My implementation of Minesweeper in Rust.
Dark square, no click! · rust

A game inspired by White tile, don't tap it!
log75 · js

A convenient, lightweight text logging utility for Node.js

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Custom CA in Caddy for HTTPS on LAN

Generate a custom CA and use it in Caddy to serve HTTPS on LAN
Tor secret service under Docker

A very simple guide for running a tor hidden service under docker
Ultimate tiling wm terminal

The best terminal experience on a tiling wm on arch (imo) using alacritty and fish